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Hands On Training
February 23rd - 24th, 2018 (0800hrs - 1700hrs)

All Hands On Training participants are required to have met their own state standards for operating as an interior structural firefighter and have permission from their own agency Fire Chief to participate in the Orlando Fire Conference. In order to participate in the Orlando Fire Conference, each participant must:

Sign the Liability Waiver, bring NFPA approved SCBA, and bring NFPA approved structural firefighting gear.


Street Smart Engine Tactics with Live Fire – 8hrs   SOLD OUT

This class will cover street smart searches and hose line management into Live Fire. The search portion will stress the importance of victim removal and proper techniques for removing them. It’s time we truly practice how we will play. This won’t be dragging by the feet and drop outside. It will go in depth into removal and care for the victim once outside. The hose line portion of the class will cover Murphy’s Law, if it can go wrong, it will. What are some things to do when they happen? Street Smart Tactics for every firefighter.


Vertical Ventilation with Live Fire – 8hrs

Back by popular demand! This class should be taken by any firefighter, not just those assigned to a truck company. This class will cover vertical ventilation by means of roof cuts, Over Live Fire. Students will receive the benefit of cutting over live fire without the danger.


A.C.E.S. (Air Consumption and Emergency Survival) – 16hrs    SOLD OUT

The SCBA is not only the Number ONE tool you have to aid in rescuing victims from smoke and fire, it is also your LIFELINE. How well versed are you at using this tool? What will you do when you run out of air? How will you react if you are lost or trapped? Can you function effectively in a dark, smoky environment with a broken SCBA and less than 1000 psi left in the bottle?

This program will not only teach you things about your SCBA you may not know, it will teach you how to survive. Being lost, trapped or disoriented has a powerful pull towards panic. Preparation can help you keep your head under pressure and greatly increase your chance of survival. You will learn step-by-step procedures to overcome problems encountered by other firefighters on working fires. You will have the opportunity to practice these procedures in a live, smoke-filled environment while under stress.

This not a SCBA repair class, this is not a RIT class. It’s you and your SCBA, It’s your life.


Above and Beyond the Pre-connect with Live Fire – 8hrs

This class will cover extended lines and above grade firefighting. It will also teach ways of attacking fire after hoisting and several stairwell stretches. Once on the fire floor, students will advance using techniques and tricks of the trade for easy hose movement. It will also go over several types of hose packs and ways to deploy them.


Hoarder’s House and Line Management with Live Fire – 8hrs    SOLD OUT

This class covers the challenges of line management. Students will learn techniques in advancing lines while flowing through challenging circumstances. Students will work together in teams advancing hoses of various sizes through hallways and hoarder house conditions.


Weapons Selection with Live Fire – 8hrs    SOLD OUT

This class will discuss decisions made by the first arriving engine. It will also cover weapon selection from the water can to the nozzle. Further, students will learn about the effects that hose size, length, and nozzle have on the firefighter operating it. In addition, students will learn skills in using the water can during initial search and its effectiveness on the initial fire attack.


Thermal Imaging Fundamentals with Live Fire – 8hrs

Do you understand the limitations of the Thermal Imaging Camera? Are you comfortable performing a primary search using the T.I.C. as an aid? Do you know how to recognize early signs of a flashover while using a T.I.C? This class will help you become more comfortable using the T.I.C. as an aid while performing an oriented search. Learn how to continue once your T.I.C. fails in near zero visibility, and see firsthand some of the limitations of a T.I.C. in the flashover simulator.




Truck Fundamentals - 8 hrs    SOLD OUT

This class will be comprised of several disciplines that are consistent on every Ladder Truck Company throughout the Nation: Ladders, Saws, and Interior Search.
Ladders are one of the most misused and intimidating tools in the Fire Service. You'll learn how to conserve your energy, throw ladders effectively, and utilize them as a means of survival if handled with confidence during VES and Roof Operations. Saws are another underutilized tool that will be covered in this class. Students will get plenty of hands on training using the saw. Interior Search will recreate real-life conditions with little to no visibility, forcing entry on interior doors, all while teaching how to work swiftly and effectively as a team. Fundamentals are the key to success.


How to Survive - 8 hrs

"Survival" How well can you stay calm and oriented in a stressful situation? Has your past training been embedded so that it can be instantly recalled when everything doesn’t go exactly as planned? Brought to you by the staff at Fire Department Training Network, this course is designed to cement positive and proper techniques into your memory for situations involving firefighter entanglement, SCBA emergencies and disorientation. The attendee will face challenges in an environment that is positive and constructive.

"RIT" The mentality of RIT has changed, no more standing in the front yard waiting for a Mayday activation. RIT is PROACTIVE!!! The RIT should be comprised of the ultimate firefighters, well versed in all aspect of firefighting. (Building construction, forcible entry, navigation through collapse, ladders, search, victim removal, technical resue, etc.). This class will go over the phases of a RIT activationand will tie it all together in realistic scenarios. Would you want you rescuing you or your crew? Are you up for the challenge?

 Vent, Enter, Search – 8 hrs    SOLD OUT

This class has become a signature course of the OFC and an overwhelming favorite of attendees. Vent, Enter, Search is a very simple concept that puts firefighters in the best position to rescue a victim of fire. This course will break down the steps of this search technique and allow the attendees to gain confidence in its application. The course culminates in the application of VES in a setting that presents realistic challenges and obstacles.

Forcible Entry – 8 hrs.    SOLD OUT

Forcible Entry has been such a requested topic that this year we are making it its own class. This 8 hour class will cover several disciplines ranging from conventional to unconventional techniques. 

“Conventional Forcible Entry” will cover techniques that have been in the fire service for the last 100 years brought to you by FDNY's bravest. 
“Unconventional Forcible Entry” will push saws to the limit and teach you  techniques to enhance your entry operations for commercial structures. 
“Through the Lock”  will cover the techniques needed to enter structures causing little to no damage and ways to secure the structure after the incident.



Heavy Rescue - 8 hrs

OFC is proud to announce the delivery of this 8-hour, special operations course that will present many situations and challenges that are not often drilled upon. This is not solely a vehicle extrication course; this training will provide instructional segments followed by rescue scenarios that are unique and challenging. Many scenarios will be presented where a victim is trapped in a vehicle or machine requiring special tools or a unique problem solving approach to complete the rescue.


Advanced Auto Extrication - 8 hrs    SOLDT OUT

Participants will engage in the 4 most common types of vehicle entrapment and practice the latest techniques in disentanglement. Stations will include Vehicle Under-Ride, Dash Techniques, Vehicle-on-its-Side, and Vehicle-on-its-Roof. This is a hands-on, skill heavy HOT seminar with emphasis on safety, technique, and speed. Participants will utilize tools from TNT Rescue, Hurst, Holmatro, Genesis, Paratech, Dewalt, Rescue Jack, and more, while performing various aspects of advanced technique. Participants are encouraged to review Basic Vehicle Stabilization and vehicle terminology as this fast paced seminar is all about "tool-time".



Back in 2018 will be the Lecture Series. The Lecture Series is aimed at the attendees that may be injured or unable to participate in the H.O.T. classes but want to advance their knowledge. You can also choose to do a day of lecture and a day of H.O.T. if so inclined. Orlando Fire Conference will be offering 2 lecture series.

Mental Wellness, PTSD, and Peer Support

Lieutenant Jeff Orrange and some of the Peer Support Team will be discussing the hard topics of PTSD and Mental Wellness. They will be giving the attendee some tools to help when dealing with these issues. Jeff has spoken at numerous conferences in an attempt to bring awareness and breakdown the stigma surrounding mental wellness in the fire service. Jeff continues to learn, loves teaching and will always be an advocate of Mental Wellness in the Fire Service.

In conjunction with a team of professionals from UCF’s psychology department, members of a local peer support team will provide a crash course on many topics having to do with Peer Support in the fire service. In this workshop, you will learn to integrate different aspects of a Peer Support Team into the pre, during and post actions of high-stress events. You will identify and employ the key elements of engaging in difficult conversations that range from everyday problems to suicide. And the importance of addressing suicide in the fire service and the impact it has on your department will be discussed. You will also hear from a respected lawyer on legislation regarding PTSD as well as cancer presumption. This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for those just starting a team or those that already have a team established.


Florida Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training Program

Firefighter Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training is a resource to train and educate firefighters in the proper techniques for managing incidents involving alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. The course not only teaches firefighters the skills needed for dealing with these vehicles, but also is designed to educate about the different types of alternative fuel vehicles, the major components of these vehicles, the fuels they use, the properties and hazards of the fuels, and other information important to firefighters. Coverage includes electric, propane, natural gas and biodiesel vehicles, as well as ethanol hydrogen and liquefied natural gas vehicles.



Participant Information


All Hands On Training participants are required to have met their own state standards for operating as an interior structural firefighter and have permission from their own agency Fire Chief to participate in the Orlando Fire Conference. In order to participate in the Orlando Fire Conference, each participant must:


1. Sign a liability waiver (see language below)

2. Bring NFPA approved SCBA

3. Bring NFPA approved structural firefighting gear


If you do not have the ability to bring an SCBA, please contact us. Participants are highly encouraged to bring a spare SCBA cylinder. By registering for the Orlando Fire Conference, the participant agrees to the terms above and will bring the appropriate equipment.


Each participant will take part in 16 hours of hands-on-training over a two day period (Feb. 22-24, 2018)


Class rosters will be posted on the website three days before the start of the conference.